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To Advertise on the Templare4Real via Ad Banners see the Schemes and Prices below and make tour choice. If any questions or if you have some non-listed offers please send a brief email to and we make sure you will be contacted by our team as soon as possible.

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Monthly Visitors: 100,000

Daily Pageviews: 4000-5000 (150,000 pageviews per month)

Twitter Followers: 2000+

Facebook Likes: 1500+

Direct Traffic: 22,000

Ad Zone 1

240px x 240px square Sidebar Banner

1 banner place through all Pages and Posts.
Affiliate link allowed
2 available.

$35 / 1mo

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Ad Zone 2

600px x 375px responsive Banner on Home Page

1 banner place in row of “Top Themes” links.
Affiliate link allowed
1 available.

$35 / 1mo

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Ad Zone 3.

Featured Theme on Home Page

3 places max. 3 available;
Affiliate link allowed
Themes /templates only allowed

$25 / 1mo

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Ad Zone 4.

Top Banner on one Category Page (600px x 375px Responsive )

4 places max. on one of Category Pages.
Affiliate link allowed

$10 / 1mo

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