GitHub is a well-known and very convenient international service for the joint development of projects and their hosting. The service is free for open source projects, which means that this place is especially interesting for finding useful and free products, including admin (administration dashboard) templates, which we will do.

All the stuff presented in this review are free and licensed by MIT license. Some require the obligatory instructions of the authors. Please do not violate the license requirements!

Admin dashboard, admin dashboard template, admin dashboard – ready-to-use set for the creation of administration app, web application, CRM, project management system, CMS (content management system for website). These products are ready for use, include necessary components, widgets, UI elements (interface elements).

The admin templates differ in the basic framework type on which they are created, by design (although this is a very subjective difference, they are very similar), the quality of the code and the degree of ability to understand this code quickly, as well as a set of versions and modifications to known development platforms (Angular, React and others).

So, let’s go!


01. Gentelella

Author: punikinsh (real name Aigars Silkans, Divilab, Riga, Latvia,

In addition to this topic, the author has, at the time of writing this article, another 28 repositories on GitHub with other admin templates and components.


Gentelella Admin is a free template based on Bootstrap 3. It uses the default Bootstrap styles together with a set of jQuery plugins and tools and is a powerful framework for creating admin panels and back-end dashboards.

The theme uses several additional libraries for graphics, calendar, form validation, wizard interface, menus, text forms, date selection control, file download area, auto-fill forms, slider, progress bars, notifications and much more.


Modifications of Gentelella Admin for other platforms and frameworks.

Gentelella on Ruby on Rails 4
Gentelella on Rails 5.x
Gentelella on Smarty 3
Gentelella integrated into Symfony 3
Gentelella on Yii framework 2
Gentelella on Angular 2
Gentelella on Aurelia
Gentelella on Laravel
Gentelella on Django
Gentelella on Flask
Gentelella on CakePHP 3
Gentelella right to left


License information

Gentelella was developed under the MIT license. This means that you can use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sub-license this product, and also sell copies of the product you changed. Doing so, you should always mention Colorlib as the original author of this template.

Demo | Theme page on GitHub



02. Ngx-Admin

Admin-template, based on Angular 5+, Bootstrap 4 and Nebular.

Ngx-Admin Admin Dashboard

Developers: Akveo.
The theme is presented in two variants of design – dark (Cosmic) and light (Business).


Working with this template will be greatly facilitated if you carefully study the documentation and other useful articles about Ngx-Admin.



In the case when the project does not need all the pages and modules present in this template, it is suggested to use the ready-made starting set.



The version for Angular 1.x


License information

The theme is created under the MIT license.

Demo | Theme page on GitHub



03. CoreUI

CoreUI is the very famous and popular free open source admin dashboard theme.
It is based on Bootstrap 4 and calls itself as “the UX game changer” with transparent and clean code and an excessive amount of used components and an understandable file structure. CoreUI Layout API allows you to customize your project for almost any device.

CoreUI Admin Dashboard theme



Łukasz Holeczek

Andrzej Kopański




Enhanced “Pro” versions



A detailed description of the CoreUI theme can be found at



The topic code is released under the MIT license.
There is a limitation that you can not resell CoreUI. This is not possible if you modified the original topic.

Demo | Theme page on GitHub



04. CoPilot

CoPilot is a fully responsive admin template forked from AdminLTE. UI is based on the Bootstrap 3 framework and is suitable for a variety of screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops. This repository is made for using with VueJs.

CoPilot Admin Dashboard

In an attempt to withstand the purity of the project, this template did not include all the plugins and features offered by AdminLTE. To use them you just need to copy them to the desired directory.


Detailed information about the CoPilot template is available on the wiki.



Ka and all the topics presented in this review, CoPilot is licensed under the MIT license.

Demo | Template page on GitHub



05. Django JET

A modern template for Django with advanced functionality.

Django JET has two types of licenses: open-source (AGPLv3) and commercial.

Django JET Admin template




Demo | Template page on GitHub



06. Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is positioned as a simple and well-designed admin-template.
Made on the basis of Bootstrap 3 and fully adaptive. The template includes a large set of elements for creating a web application. Can be used for admin panels, project management systems, CMS or CRM. Light Bootstrap Dashboard also contains 6 color skins.

The authors of this topic are the famous team Creative Tim (, specializing in commercial admin templates.



Copyright 2017 Creative Tim

The product is licensed by MIT

Demo | Theme page on GitHub | Video guides | Pro version of Light Bootstrap Dashboard



07. Admin Admin HTML5 Admin Template

Another work by Colorlib – Adminator HTML5 Admin Template. Completely adaptive template, based on Bootstrap 4, which includes a large collection of ready-to-use snippets, utilities, pages and useful widgets. Light and clean design, good selection of colors, good readability of elements and text – these are general features of this free template.

Adminator HTML5 Admin Template

License information

This theme implemented under the MIT license. This means that you can freely use, copy, modify, publish, sub-license and sell copies of your final product based on this template. You only need to specify Colorlib as authors of the original product.

Demo | Template page on GitHub



08. StarAdmin

Star Admin is the free adaptive admin template based on Bootstrap 4.
The theme has the elegant and nice design and the good selection of the color palette. The elements of this theme are perfectly combined, creating a good readability and hierarchy of widgets and components.

It is stated that Star Admin contains all the features to satisfy the needs for creating a good end product, whether it is an admin panel, e-commerce system, project management or CRM.

It is indicated that the code of the topic is well commented on and everything is quite well customized. Ideal to start your project on the basis of this admin.

StarAdmin template


License information

Star Admin is implemented under the MIT license. You can easily download, modify, distribute and resell.


Premium version

If you need more functionality, there is a commercial version of this product.

Demo | Theme page on GitHub



09. Sufee HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

Another product from the well-known Colorlib in this top of the admin templates of 2018.

Sufee HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

Sufee is a lightweight universal admin panel created on the basis of Bootstrap 4. A fairly large set of necessary components, widgets, and pages makes this topic a good free basis for further development.



Like all previous works of Colorlib, this topic is licensed by MIT and it is required that the original authors of the original product be specified for all modifications.

Demo | Product page on GitHub


10. OpenAdmin Dashboard

The top 10 free admin templates on GitHub by Template4Real closes the promising fresh topic OpenAdmin from Neuethemes.

OpenAdmin Dashboard

This template was recently published on GitHub, but it promises to be quite in demand in its niche. OpenAdmin Dashboard is a simple and easy admin dashboard theme, based on Bootstrap 4 and available for many frameworks.

The OpenAdmin Dashboard design is modern, lightweight, contrasting and compact enough. The balance between the components is maintained to ensure the best possible perception.

Used all the features of Bootstrap 4, as the base for the development of this template. The project is fully adaptable, perfectly perceived both on mobile devices and on large desktops.

The theme has a good potential for customization. Uses a set of standard components Bootstrap 4. Suitable for any type of project where the admin panel can be claimed.


Modifications and sub-repositories

Client part

Server part


Demo | The OpenAdmin page on GitHub




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