WrapBootstrap is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world, specializing in templates based on the powerful Bootstrap framework. There are templates and themes in different categories such as blogs, portfolios, admin panels, landing pages, online stores, corporate web templates and WordPress themes. The project is created and administered by one person (James Simmons). The review and acceptance of the newly published items can stretch out for an indeterminate period from a few weeks to a year (this is a real case). Works are accepted by stacks once in 3-4 months, and if the work is rejected, it happens without comments and explanation of reasons. There is no forum or other means of communicating with WB product authors. Support for authors is absent. The answer to a question or request about a change of a scheme of payment of the concrete work (from usual on exclusive, for example) it is possible to not wait at all. The declared Commission grid, depending on the number of sales of work, does not automatically switch when a certain sales threshold is reached. Need to write and ask. And wait for an answer very long.

Among the obvious advantages, it is worth noting the absence of repeated review and checks when updates the template by its author, open quantity of work sales and effective algorithm of ranking of works both outside and in categories. The authors are free to set their price tag on templates and find the “golden mean” in the price policy. Though, with the latest changes, this advantage disappears. The WB owner sets the upper and lower thresholds of price changes, and just started ignoring the author’s price list. So far, it is unclear what such a policy will entail. Anyway, all this concerns the authors and does not concern the buyers for whom WrapBootstrap remains an attractive resource with quality content. As stated, the project welcomes regular updates, good job descriptions, support for the latest Bootstrap versions, and work with customer comments. All this really affects the overall rating of the template on WrapBootstrap. Below you can see the ten most popular templates from the Bootstrap Admin templates category according to Template4real. You can count how much the authors of these themes earn on their excellent products, but this is another story. In the meantime…


01. SmartAdmin – Responsive WebApp

Cost: $34
Author: myorange
Number of Sales: about 29k
The version of Bootstrap: 3.3.7

This product is positioned by the authors as a “beyond the ordinary admin template” with a unique flat design and adaptive layout. Layout API allows you to customize a theme for any device.

The theme contains in its archive 9 versions:

  • AngularJS
  • Angular5
  • Static HTML
  • MVC5 & ASP.NET Core2
  • Php
  • Ajax
  • RoR
  • + 3 Landing Pages


Main advantages:

  • SmartVoice plug-in-you can program your own voice commands and control the admin panel by voice;
  • Support for users with perception violations;
  • A huge number of variations layout theme;
  • Well commented and structured code;
  • Graphics and icons that support Retina screens
  • 6-level adaptive navigation;
  • Different types of layout: flexible, responsive, boxed;
  • Two independent toggle navigation options-horizontal and vertical;
  • CSS3 animation of interface elements;
  • Professional design and branding, including e-mail templates and static landing;
  • Unique API menu;
  • 7 Unique skins for Google maps;
  • 7 Professional Skins themes;
  • RTL text support;
  • Smart Alerts with sound;
  • Dynamic Data tables with upload to pdf/ excel
  • … And much more.

The theme makes a very positive impression. A lot of ready to use functionality, customization capabilities and skins for every taste. The design seemed somewhat archaic, dull and clamped. A little free space and a lot of visual noise, strokes, fills, without which it was quite possible to manage. It is possible that the authors are not put the task to make the outstanding UI/UX design in this template, and the modernization of design can be attributed to customization to the needs of the end user.

Demo PreviewTemplate page on Wrapbootstrap


02. Angle – Bootstrap Admin Template

One of the most visually appealing and balanced admin themes of today’s review. Excellent readable text, the well-chosen color gamut of backgrounds, graphs and interface elements. A lot of free space and well-combined widgets – that’s what can be noted, viewing this admin dashboard theme. Nothing superfluous, just for business. This admin theme is presented as a multi-framework template, ready for immediate operation after the setup on any chosen platform.

Cost: $28
Number of sales: about 12k
Author: Themicon

Supported Frameworks:

  • Angular Material Design,
  • MVC5,
  • Ruby on Rails,
  • Reactjs,
  • Meteor JS
  • Mean JS

SCSS/LESS/PUG + Gulp build system & Seed projects for all versions of the theme. Main advantages:

  • Adaptive layout;
  • Support for multi-lingual implementations;
  • RTL support;

Angle Admin Dashboard is a Web application based on Bootstrap. All components included in the theme are designed to take into account the potential of HTML5 and Bootstrap with a set of new developments (JS and CSS). Landing-page is included in the package for quick frontend deploy. The theme code is well structured, commented and decompressed for easy setup and customization. I am glad that the authors were not lazy and made the product landing page describing all the technical features of their work with separate demos for each of the presented frameworks instead of the standard live preview.

DemoWrapbootstrap page


03. Inspinia – Responsive Admin Theme

Inspinia is one of the most famous admin themes and absolute top of sales in the market. For many who decided to make their project on the premium Admin-template It is the only right choice for all occasions and all variants of implementation. The template is based on the already outdated Bootstrap 3.3.7, but nevertheless, due to its multi-framework implementation and functional saturation takes its rightful place in the top in the category Admin templates of the WrapBootstrap marketplace.

Cost: $34
Number of sales: 45.5 k
Authors: webapplayers

Inspinia Admin Theme is the Premium Admin theme, fully responsive and suitable for all types of Web applications: admin panels, Project management systems, CRM and for back-end Web projects.

What’s included:

  • Static Full Version
  • Static Seed Project
  • Mvc5 Full Version (VS 2015)
  • Mvc5 Seed Project (VS 2015)
  • .net Core 1.0 Full Version (VS 2015)
  • .net Core 1.0 Seed Project (VS 2015)
  • Ruby on Rails (4.2.3) Full Version
  • Ruby on Rails (4.2.3) Seed Project
  • Meteor Full ( Version
  • Meteor Seed ( Project
  • Angular (1.5) Full Version
  • Angular (1.5) Seed Project
  • Documentation
  • Landing Page
  • LESS
  • Sass
  • Scss
  • PSD files (more than 50 screens of main pages and components with a full set of layers)

The authors try not to make updates, critically changing the architecture and structure of the product, keep the compatibility of previous versions with new ones and support all previously released versions. We hope that this excellent admin-theme will update to BOOTSTRAP4 shortly and take back it’s lost first place ranking on WrapBootstrap.

Live Demo  |  Inspinia’s page on Wrapbootstrap


04. Color Admin – admin Template + Front End

Cost: $34
Number of Sales: 6k +
Authors: seanngu

Color Admin-the most successful from the themes considered in our review in terms of design. Perfect balance of UI elements, good color selection, typography, the thoughtful hierarchy in the theme interface create all the conditions for a good and structured perception of its content. According to the authors, the theme is gradually translated into BOOTSTRAP4 and this process may take some time.

Features of the theme:

  • Bootstrap 3 and 4 versions compatibility;
  • Modifications under Ajax, HTML, Angular, ANGULAR5;
  • 4 Themes Admin panel (flat, material design, Apple-style, transparent);
  • 4 themes for the front end;
  • 6 color schemes;
  • well-structured code;
  • good documentation.

Demo |  Color Admin page on Wrapbootstrap


05. Nifty – Light & Dark Admin Template

Cost: $21
Number of Sales: 3k +
Authors: ThemeOn

Nifty-Original, light and elegant admin HTML theme, using the components of BOOTSTRAP3. Created using Less CSS, allowing you to easily customize the project using variables and mix-ins. A large number of color schemes, ready-made components, options for modifying layout, widgets and menus make this template a good basis for creating your own project.

DemoTheme Page on WrapBootstrap


06. Minton – Bootstrap 4 Admin + Frontend

Cost: $32
Number of Sales: 2, 7k
Authors: coderthemes

Minton is a versatile, lightweight admin theme based on Bootstrap 4.1.0, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. The theme was made very professional and clean. All the necessary and carefully manufactured components are included, which makes the process of transforming template into a ready project easy and without a hassle. Optionally there is also a landing-page.

General Features:

  • Dark and light versions of the layout;
  • SCSS support;
  • 5 color schemes;
  • Material Design version;
  • 1500 + ready-to-use pages;
  • Email-templates;
  • RTL support;
  • 3 menu styles;
  • Calendar with all its functionality;
  • Gallery Page;
  • Timeline and invoice;
  • Personal cabinet and prices;
  • MVC5 version.

Demos and Layout OptionsPage on Wrapbootstrap


07. Super Admin – Responsive admin Template

Cost: $19
Number of Sales: 3, 8k
Authors: rushenn

Super Admin is the HTML template with a very distinctive glass-style interface. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and is equipped with 10 different modifications of background styles and more than 40 jQuery plugins to increase customization possibilities. SuperAdmin is the fully responsive template for any device. Almost all of the standard Bootstrap and third-party components are adapted to the template interface. All elements are made in gradations of white/semi-transparent on colorful dark backgrounds. Perhaps on some flat backgrounds, the theme will look more attractive.

DemoTemplate page on Wrapbootstrap


08. PixelAdmin – Responsive Template

Cost: $12
Number of Sales: 4, 2k
Authors: smnedelko

PixelAdmin has a basic HTML5 version and modifications under RequireJS and ANGULAR5, all versions have their own independent demos and start-up projects. In addition, the package includes a special application Builder app, which allows you to select the necessary components, configure them and compile the project.

DemoPage on Wrapbootstrap


09. MaterialPro – Bootstrap 4 Material Admin

Cost: $32
Number of Sales: 670 +
Authors: Wrappixel

MaterialPro admin dashboard template was created in the style of Google Material design and made on the basis of BOOTSTRAP4. Light and pleasant interface, classic google-style color palette and fully adapted to Material Design Bootstrap components – these are the characteristics of this admin. There are 5 variations of the dashboard, different variants of component’s color schemes. The PSD files are also included in the archive. The theme is very interesting for its balance in terms of interface and it’s familiarity to users.

DemoMaterialPro page on WrapBootstrap


10. Clever – Bootstrap 4 Admin + Angular 5

The very strong work – Clever finishes the 10 best admin dashboards list of 2018 by Template4Real. This is a versatile multi-framework theme created on Bootstrap versions 3 and 4 with support for AngularJS, Angular 5, ReactJS and VueJs. The development team of this template ensures that the project is continually updated and developed. Clever is a full-featured administrator template based on the GenesisUI framework created for a specific set of tasks. This is the ideal starting point for any administrator’s dashboard panel. GenesisUI’s Layout API allows you to customize a project for almost any platform, whether it be a mobile device or a Web application, Clever covers all of these cases.

Cost: $49
Number of Sales: 1400 +
Authors: creativelabs

DemoPage on WrapBootstrap


Concluding this subjective rating of popular premium admin dashboard templates placed on WrapBootstrap, we can say that all of them are quite worthy tools for the deployment of a project that requires advanced administration panel or dashboard. Choose a specific product can be based on a set of functionality, design, the number of sales (ie, popularity) and the frequency of product’s updates, indicating that the project is evolving and not thrown by developers. Anyway, it requires a balanced approach and only such a deliberate choice will lead to a good result. Good luck!

Alex Neue

UI/UX designer, web developer, co-founder of template4real.com

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